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Sicily ancient land, a land loved, warm earth to live and to tell.

Among his pearls has a noteworthy Syracuse, once one of the most important cities of Magna Grecia, south-east coast of the island, in the heart of an area that exudes history and art.

In Syracuse calm your wishes will come true, you can spend an unforgettable time in search of the hidden treasures of art and, in search of natural beauty, in search of flavors sweeter and sharper contrasts.

The city tour can start in Piazza Duomo, where you will find the beautiful baroque buildings: the palace beneventano of the woods, the palace of the senate, the church of Saint Lucia, the church of the Jesuits, the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art,located in ' former convent.

The list goes on, because you absolutely can not overlook the palace Mergulese - Montalto, The Piazza Archimede, which bears the famous fountain in the middle of Artemis, the Church of St. Francis Immaculate, known for its ancient belfry, the church of San Philip Blacks, and finally the Palazzo Bongiovanni.

Its mild climate makes it accessible at all times of the year making it an ideal destination for holidays during the course of the year.


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